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Home Automation Systems

Each year, more and more consumers are discovering that home automation systems, far from being the purview of only the most tech-savvy folks out there, have a little something to offer everyone.

Put simply, home automation describes a system of networked, controllable devices that work together to make your home more comfortable, customized, efficient, and secure. You “speak” with your automated home through a remote control or smart device. Homes that have a high degree of automation often have all of their automated devices accessible on one device, making it truly easy to control your home with the touch of a button. The range of controls that you have over your automated devices range depending on the purpose of the device. Some controls allow you to turn a device on or off at a specific time, while other devices may be triggered by some external events.

You probably live with a number of automated devices in your home already: automated devices include thermostats and other heating and cooling devices, alarm systems, lights, blinds and shades, and even audio systems! While a truly automated home might have all of the above (and more), the good news for today’s consumer is that you have the ability to pick and choose the aspects of home automation that are for you. Not a gardener? Then automated sprinklers might not be up your alley. The established host or hostess who likes to set the tone of the evening just right, might rank motorized shades or blinds at the top of his or her list.

Whatever your needs and preferences, now is an exciting time to be involved with the home automation field. In the past, automation was something that only commercial buildings and the highest-end homes could truly take advantage of. However, advances in technology and an increased demand for these technologies scaled for the home mean that, finally, home automation is within reach for those consumers who wish to create a truly smart, intuitive home.

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